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The Faculty of Law provides the following courses taught in English belonging to the Integrated Master’s Degree in Law (Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree).

Please note that:

  • International students that aim to study in English can choose courses from all Faculties and levels (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree) without restrictions.
  • The academic offer might be modified due to academic reasons.
  • The activation of electives is subject to the required mininum of participants.
  • Electives belong both to the Bacherlor’s and Master’s Degree.
  • By clicking on the course’s name, the corresponding syllabus will be displayed.
  • Courses are only offered in the specified  semester (1st/2nd/annual). Please mind the semester.
1st/Fall semester ONLY (September/December) 
Component code Courses Semester Credits Level
1274 European & International Tax Law 1st/Fall 6 Elective
234 International Arbitration Law 1st/Fall 6 Elective
1427 Comparative criminal procedure – Italy and United States 1st/Fall 6 Elective
1641 Digital Innovation, Fintech and Platform Regulations 1st/Fall 6 Elective
1333 History of European Integration 1st/Fall 6 Elective
1771 Theory, Methodology and Tecnique of Negotiation 1st/Fall 6 Elective
1206 English language IV ** 1st/Fall 3 Bachelor’s Degree

4th year

**English language: this course brings students from a B1 to a B2 English level. Therefore, only students with a B1 level are allowed to participate in this course. Students who already have a B2 level are not allowed to take part. At the end of this course, the grade will be “Satisfactory/not satisfactory”, instead of a numerical grade.

2nd/Spring semester ONLY (February/May) 
Component code Coures Semester Credits Level
1103 Comparative Corporate Governance 2nd/Spring 6 Elective
1223 Human Rights 2nd/Spring 6 Elective
1334 Lawyer’s Ethics 2nd/Spring 6 Elective
1622 European Banking Law 2nd/Spring 6 Elective
1288 International Trade Law 2nd/Spring 6 Elective