• Psychological Sciences (Bachelor’s Degree)
  • Psychology (Master’s Degree)

The Faculty of Psychology provides the following courses taught in English:

Courses Semester Credits
Psychology for Social Integration 1st 6 for one semester or 8 for annual subject
Introduction to Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review 1st 2
Research in cognitive psychology 1st 3
Theory of mind across human development 1st 2
Positive clinical psychology 1st 2
Introduction to Behavioral Addictions 1st 2
Research on suicide prevention in the community: from epidemiology to WHO preventive strategies 1st 3
Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Management 1st 2


Coures Semester Credits
Emotions and Virtues 2nd 6
Mind, History and Culture: an invitation to cross-cultural psychology 2nd 6
Psychology and Art 2nd 6
Psychology for Social Integration 2nd 6 for one semester or 8 for annual subject

Please note that the following academic offer might change due to academic reasons.