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Please note that:

  • International students that aim to study in English can choose courses from all Faculties and levels (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree) without restrictions.
  • The academic offer might be modified due to academic reasons.
  • The activation of electives is subject to the required mininum of participants.
  • Electives belong both to the Bacherlor’s and Master’s Degree.
  • By clicking on the course’s name, the corresponding syllabus will be displayed.
  • Courses are only offered in the specified  semester (1st/2nd/annual). Please mind the semester.
1st/Fall semester ONLY (September/December) 

The Faculty of Psychology provides the following courses:


Component Code Coures Semester Credits Level
1753 Cognitive Psychology 1st/Fall 6 Bachelor’s Degree

2nd year

44 Social Psychology 1st/Fall 6 Bachelor’s Degree

3rd year

1540 Processes and group dynamics 1st/Fall  6 Master’s Degree

2nd year

1610 Introduction to philosophy of mental disorder 1st/Fall 6 Elective
1766 Environmental Education 1st/Fall 6 From AY 2022/23


2nd/Spring semester ONLY (February/May) 
Component Code Coures Semester Credits Level
947 Psychology for Social Integration 2nd/Spring  8 Bachelor’s Degree

2nd year

1222 Mind, History and Culture: explorations in cross-cultural psychology 2nd/Spring 6 Elective
1279 Emotions and Virtues 2nd/Spring 6 Elective
1621 Project work in Applied Social Psychology 2nd/Spring 3 Elective
Psychology and Art 2nd/Spring 6 Elective
Personality Psychology  2nd/Spring 6 From AY 2022/23
1400 English for Psychologists** 2nd/Spring 4 Master’s Degree

1st year

**English for Psychologists: this course brings students from a B1 to a B2 English level. Therefore, only students with a B1 level are allowed to participate in this course. Students who already have a B2 level are not allowed to take part. At the end of this course, the grade will be “Satisfactory/not satisfactory”, instead of a numerical grade.