We thank you for your interest in our institution and we hope to have the opportunity of greeting you at UER.

Università Europea di Roma (UER) is a young catholic institution born in 2005 that is rapidly growing in terms of teaching quality, research and status. Academic offer is made by Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees, Postgraduate School Diploma in Legal Studies, Active Educational Training, and Advanced Training Courses.

Academic excellence, training activities targeted to the individual and abroad studying experiences, create professional people and future managers with high human values, who will positively affect society.

UER belongs to an international network and it has been focusing on high education all over the world. UER has set up partnerships with over 80 Universities in 26 world countries, mostly in Europe and South America. International students which attend our University come from more than 25 countries all over the world (Europe, Asia, USA, Mexico etc). Therefore, every student spends its time at University in a multi-national and multi-cultural environment.

The UER is a Catholic University and give a specific attention to the Christian identity and to the teachings of the Church. You are invited to respect this identity that should clearly not be interpreted as neither cultural close-mindedness, nor intolerance or renouncement of dialogue‚ and to have a cordial and sincere openness toward the enrichment coming from our cultural proposal.

International Relations Office

The International Relations Office will help each student during its process to obtain student visa giving him/her: the acceptance letter and, under student request, the address of accommodation structure that he/she chose for the period of the program. However all the process with the Italian Consulate or Embassy have to be done directly by the student knowing that it could take even 3 months to obtain requested VISA.

Prof. Aniello Merone – email
Dr.ssa Diana Tasini – email

Accademic offer taught in Italian

The majority of UER courses are taught in Italian. Our academic offer in Law (Combined Bachelor and Master Degree, LMG/01)

To all the incoming students that aim to study in Italian, we require to certificate a B2 Italian knowledge level.

We accept a certified B1 Italian knowledge level, but in this case, the UER Italian language course is compulsory.

We do not accept incoming students that aim to study in Italian without certification or with a certified A2/A1 Italian knowledge level.

UER offers an Italian language course of 2 levels (beginners/advanced) held twice a week, from October to December and from March to May. At the beginning of each semester student will sustain an admission test to define his level. The Italian language Course is totally free and will be recognized with 3 CFU = 3 ECTS.

By following the course the students will be able to achieve a B1 level for beginner, and B2/C1 level for advanced. At the end of the courses, the students who have complied with the requirements, will receive a certificate (with grades and ECTS credits) for the work done.

The academic credit system adopted by Italian University is based on “CFU” (acronim for “Crediti Formativi Universitari”). A CFU corresponds to 25 hours of work per student, time for personal study included and for each didactic activity, the student gain a determined number of CFU. The European University of Rome, generally recognizes the equivalence 1 CFU = 1 ECTS and adopts an ECTS marks conversion scale.

UER Grades ECTS Grades Decimal Grades
30L/30 A 10
29/28 B 9
27/26 C 8
25/23 D 7
22/18 E 6/5(Spain)
<18 F 5/4

Accademic offer taught in English

UER offers to its international students the possibility to attend a significant number of courses per each degree completely taught in English.

International Students that aim to study in English can choose from the courses listed below, between all faculties programs without restrictions between degrees.

In addition, for students that own to learn or study in Italian, UER offers:

  • an Italian language course of 3ECTS totally free;
  • several internship opportunities in the most prestigious Italian and International Organizations

You can find the list of courses in the following links:

Erasmus program

To take advantage of the Erasmus Program, there must be a previous agreement between your University and Università Europea di Roma (UER).

The eligibility to participate is determined first by your University, so we encourage you to visit your International Office before starting any process.

International students program

Also for international students who study outside European Union, the main option to take advantage of our International Students Program, it is by the enforcement of a previous agreement between your University and Università Europea di Roma (UER). Enforcing an agreement, the eligibility to participate is determined first by your University, so we encourage you to visit your university’s International Office before starting any process. Further or additional fees or costs in charge of the student could be provided.

If there is no agreement within your University and Università Europea di Roma (UER) you (European or non-European student) could apply at UER in order to attend some single courses of your choice, paying a fee for each course.

In any case, at the end of the period of study you will receive a transcript of records for the exams passed.

Enrollment procedure and visa information for non-european students

In addition to all the documents indicated in the next paragraph “Registration Requirements”, your application must include:

  • International students program application form;
  • Motivation letter (max. 800 words);
  • One copy of the page of your passport showing your first name, last name and nationality;

In further addition, only for students from university that does not have any exchange agreement with UER:

  • Authenticated copy of his/her academic documentation or certified photocopies or originals of the official record of university examination taken and of grades obtained, together with the grading scale and its value (with or without final diploma); (uncertified copies will not be accepted).
  • One letter of reference written in English or Italian.

An official translation in English must be provided for any document which is not in English or Italian.

Please note the following requirements to attend UER International students program:

  • Passports must be valid for at least 3 months after planned departure from the country. Passport applications can take multiple months, so students are encouraged to apply for a passport (if they do not have one already) as early as possible.
  • Student Visa is usually required for students that study in Italy for 90 days or more. Those with Italian/EU citizenship are exempted. Non-European Union nationals should consult their local Consulate for details on student visa requirements.
  • Permit to Stay (Permesso di Soggiorno) required for all students studying in Italy for 90 days or more (completed after student visa is received).

House and living information

Università Europea di Roma does not have dormitories but helps students to get independent single rooms in the campus area or apartments in the center of the city, well linked to the University, in order to guarantee the easier attendance of classes. Please note that Università Europea di Roma does not have its own transportation service.

Medical Insurance

It’s mandatory to all international students to have a an insurance policy covering medical care and third party liability. It is advisable for them to take it out in their country of origin because these policies are very expensive in Italy. For students from countries which are members of the European Union some medical costs are generally covered by their national health service (do not forget to bring your E128!).

Request the insurance company a letter written in English, certifying you made a contract with them. It should have identification and a complete description of everything that is included. Please don’t forget to send it to our International Relations Office.

If you suffer from a chronic disease or for any other reason you have to visit regularly a doctor, we recommend for your own safety to highlight this in your application.

Please note that Current health certificate is a different document, issued by your own doctor that highlight if in the last six month before the mobility you suffer (or not) any contagious ill and if you have (or not) any special needs.