Study programmes for international students

International students willing to take part in some of the following stuty programmes can ask for further information at the International Relations Office:

Prof. Aniello Merone (IR Office Head)

Dott.ssa Andrea Llorente (International Student Coordinator) – Email

Erasmus and other exchange programmes

In order to take advantage of the Erasmus+/exchange programme, there must be a previous agreement between your University and Università Europea di Roma. The eligibility to participate is determined first by your University, so we encourage you to visit first your International Relations Office. Once you have been nominated by your University, you need to submit your application to UER.

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Degree seeking students

UER offers the possibility to international students to enroll in its Integrated Master’s Degree in Law (3+2 years). The Integrated Master’s Degree in Law offers, among others, the specialisation in International and European Studies, with 18 ECTS taught in English.

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Free movers

If there is no agreement between your University and Università Europea di Roma or you are not currently enrolled in a university, you can still apply to UER in order to attend some single courses of your choice, paying a fee for each course. Upon completion of the courses, you will receive a transcript of records. Each ECTS costs 30€ according to the academic regulations (p. 12).

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Summer Schools

Summer School on International Trade Law

This Summer School aims to provide a wide and in-depth understanding of the legal implications of the most relevant issues of international trade both on a substantial and procedural prospective.

Please find all the information on this Summer School.

Summer School on the Footsteps of Jesus: Jerusalem and Magdala 

The historical dimension of Jesus’ life is deeply connected to different places and locations of the Holy Land. The programme “On the footsteps of Jesus” is focused on locations, archaeological excavations, finds, texts and documents related to His life.

Please find all the information on this Summer School.