Buddy Programme

Buddy Programme

We know how important is during the first days to find a familiar face among the crowd, this is why the Buddy Program aims to match each international student with a local student of UER, who can give you a hand with the doubts you might have and will be your mate.

Furthermore, we organize some entertaining activities so that you can spend quality time with your new buddy and other fellows, both Italians and international, smooth your integration in the college life, discover the Eternal City and the Italian culture. Stay tunned by following us on Instagram: #uerinternational

For further info, send an e-mail to andrea.llorente@unier.it or visit us at the International Relations Office (first floor, corridor C)

Make the most of your stay in Rome!

December 2018

Merry Christmas and bonne année für sie alles. Nos vemos el año que viene!


Grading system


The academic credit system adopted by the Italian universities is based on “CFU” (acronym for “Crediti Formativi Universitari”). A CFU corresponds to 25 hours of work per student, including time for personal study. For each didactic activity, the student gains a determined number of CFU. The European University of Rome generally recognizes the equivalence 1 CFU = 1 ECTS and adopts an ECTS mark conversion scale:

UER Grades ECTS Grades Decimal Grades
30 e lode/30 A+/A 10
29/27 B+/B- 9
26/25 C+/C 8
24/23 D+/D 7
22/18 E+/E- 6/5
<18 F 5/4


Academic Calendar

Fall semester

Lesson period (12 weeks): from 30/09/19 to 20/12/19

Exam periods:

Extraordinary call (international students only): from 02/12/19 to 14/12/19

Ordinary call (all students): from 08/01/20 to 15/02/20

Spring semester

Lesson period (12 weeks): from 17/02/20 to 16/05/20

Exam periods:

Extraordinary call (international students only): from 04/05/2020 to 16/05/2020

Ordinary call (all students): from 25/05/20 to 11/07/20


International students can choose to take their exams in the extraordinary call or/and the ordinary call. There is a maximun of four chances (in four different dates) to pass each exam, one during the extraordinary call and other three during tha ordinary call.

Please visit the following link to see the complete academic calendar 2019/20.

Italian language courses

ItalianTo all the incoming students that aim to study in Italian, we recommend to have a B2 Italian knowledge level. We require them to certificate, at least, a B1 Italian knowledge level, but in this case, attending the free Italian language course offered by the UER would be compulsory.

The UER offers an Italian language course divided in 2 levels (beginners & advanced). At the beginning of each semester the student will take a placement test.

The course is totally free and, apart from learning linguistic aspects of the language, you will also discover the Italian culture. It is held twice a week, from October to December and from March to May and each session lasts 1 hour.

The course will be recognized with 3 CFU = 3 ECTS.

If you are interested in officially certifying your Italian knowledge, we recommend you to take the Certificati di conoscenza della lingua italiana (CELI) at the end of your stay, so that you can come back home with your official language certification. You will find all the information about in the web of the Università per Stranieri di Perugia.


Welcome to the Università Europea di Roma! We thank you for your interest in our institution and we hope to have the opportunity to greet you at the UER.

The Università Europea di Roma (UER) is a young catholic institution born in 2005 which is rapidly growing in terms of teaching quality, research and status. Our academic offer includes Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees, PhDs, postgraduate and advanced training courses. Academic excellence, tailored training activities and abroad studying experiences create professionals and future managers with high human values, who will positively affect society.

The UER belongs to an international network which includes more than 15 higher education institutions in America and Europe. We strongly focus on international education, this is why we have set up partnerships with over 95 Universities in 20 different countries, mostly Europe and South America. International students who attend our University come from more than 25 countries all over the world (Europe, USA, Japan, Mexico, etc) and to ease their stay at the UER, we offer a wide range of courses entirely taught in English. On the other hand, if you are willing to learn Italian, we provide you with a free Italian course adapted to your level and an even wider offer of courses taught in this language.

These are some of our services that may interest you: job placement, tutoring, Integrative Development Centre (CEFI), social responsibility activities, sporting activities, choir, Buddy Programme, Cinepizza & many other initiatives organized by the UER together with the Chaplaincy.

The UER is a Catholic University and gives a specific attention to the Christian identity. You are invited to have a cordial openness towards this identity, which should clearly not be interpreted as neither cultural close-mindedness, nor intolerance or renouncement of dialogue with other cultural proposals.

Summing up, if you are looking for a high-quality education in a multi-cultural, young and innovative environment, you are absolutely in the right place.