Economics Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree
  • Economics and Business Administration (Bachelor’s Degree)
  • Economics and Innovation (Master’s Degree)

The Faculty of Economics provides the following courses taught in English:


Semester Credits
Monetary Policy 1st 8
History of innovation and Economic growth 1st 8
Human resources management  1st 8
Economics and Ethics 1st 6


Courses Semester Credits
Applied Econometrics 2nd 8
European Innovation Policy (Jean Monnet chair) * 2nd 10
Financing Innovation and Entrepreneurship  2nd 6
Management Skills 2nd 6

*From the A/Y 2018/2019 UER, UER will be awarded a Jean Monnet Chair in “European Innovation Policy” within the field of innovation and intellectual property. The establishment of this Chair reinforces UER commitment within the scope of new technologies and Innovation Management.