Economics Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree

The Faculty of Economics provides the following courses taught in English belonging to the:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Management
  • Master’s Degree Economics and Innovation Management
Semester Credits Credits
Monetary Policy 1st 8 Master’s Degree
History of innovation and Economic growth 1st 8 Master’s Degree
Human resources management 1st 8 Master’s Degree
Economics and Ethics 1st 6 Master’s Degree
Operations Management 1st 7 Bachelor’s Degree



Courses Semester Credits
Applied Econometrics 2nd 8 Master’s Degree
Market Law and Regulation  2nd 8 Master’s Degree
Financing Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2nd 6 Master’s Degree
Management Skills 2nd 6 Master’s Degree
Digital Communication 2nd 6 Elective
English language 2nd 6 Bachelor’s Degree

Please note that:

  • The academic offer might be modified due to academic reasons.
  • The subjects are only offered in the specified  semester (1st/2nd/annual). Please mind the semester.
  • By cliking on the subject’s name the corresponding programme will be displayed.
  • Electives belong both to the Bacherlor’s and Master’s Degree.