International Business and Tax Centre (IBTC)

International Business and Tax Centre (IBTC)

IBTC – Research Centre in National and International Tax Law at the Università Europea di Roma (European Univesity of Rome) is a unique and innovative Research Centre within Italian and International context.

Our methodology is based on:

  • a pragmatic and accademic approach at the same time as well as on
  • an interdisciplinary approach between tax law and ecomomics

The IBTC carries out activities, in particular, in the following areas:

  • business economics, with a specific focus on business models and reporting systems;
  • international taxation and its impact on domestic taxation.


The IBTC has the mission to study the scientific, technical and operational tools aimed at combining the economic perspectives with those purely of international taxation, taking into account the evolution of regulatory sources, doctrine and best-practices, even through collaborations with institutions as well as public and private bodies.

Its activities can be done as an autonomous research institute or in collaboration with other public and private institutions with which there are formalized relationships.

Organizational Structure

IBTC operates through an Operating Committee under the guidance of two Scientific Co-Directors.

The research activities are subject to validation by a Scientific Committee. The activities of the IBTC are carried out under the control ofUniversità Europea di Roma.

The Scientific Directors of the IBTC are responsible for the planning, the carrying out of the research activities, and responsible for the supervision of the scientific quality of the results achieved.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is primarily composed of prominent professors and heads of tax from well-known multinationals. It can be also composed of researchers, scholars, consultants and experts recognized at national or international level in disciplines related to the activities of the Centre.

The Scientific Committee has a consultative function of evaluation and validation of the quality of the scientific works developed by IBTC, autonomously or in collaboration with other bodies.

The members of the Committee can express opinions and evaluations both collectively and individually, at the request of the Scientific Co-Directors or on their own initiative.

The members of the Scientific Committee are designated by the Scientific Director and appointed by the Department of Human Sciences of the European University of Rome.

Members of the Scientific Committee


  • Prof. Franco Gallo, President
  • Prof. Luis Eduardo Schoueri, Vice President
  • Prof. Alberto Gambino, Member
  • Prof. Juan Jose Zornoza, Member
  • Prof. Ana Paula Dourado, Member
  • Prof. Werner Haslehner, Member
  • Prof. Yariv Brauner, Member
  • Prof. Eric Kemmeren, Member
  • Prof. Pasquale Pistone, Member
  • Prof. Giuseppe Marino, Member
  • Prof. Antonio Perrone, Member
  • Prof. Alessio Persiani, Member
  • Prof. Alessandro De Stefano, Member


  • Giacomo Soldani – Luxottica/Essilor
  • Emanuela Santoro – Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling
  • Paolo Biagi – Engie
  • Massimo Di Cesare – Richemont
  • Daniele Ciolfi – Unilver
  • Paolo Ricca – Unilever
  • Stefano Trettel – Fininvest
  • Alexander Albrecht – Ferrero
  • Massimo Ferrari – Pirelli
  • Dario Taglioretti – Prometeon


As per the 2021 program of the International Business and Tax Centre, and in line with the scientific-pragmatic approach chosen as pillar of the our scientific work, it is as follows:

  • Monthly workshop – from practice to academy
  • Annual Conference – from academy to practice

Monthly Workshops

Annual Conference

Further details about the program will be available soon.

Team and contacts

Prof. Marco Fazzini – Co-Director IBTC –
Prof. Gianni Vivona – Co-Director IBTC –