COST Action 18215

Prof. Giovanni Farese – Cost Action 18215 – China In Europe Research Network

Chair: Dr Nana DE GRAAFF

In spite of a recent slowdown foreign direct investment from rising China in to Europe has been growing exponentially over the past decade. It ranges from manufacturing, energy, utilities and transport, to financial services, real estate and sports and has been expanding from acquisitions of European firms to greenfield and portfolio investment.The perceived challenges posed by these investments has led to increasing political and media attention, including calls for EU vetting and regulation of acquisitions.
Academic research on the phenomenon is however lagging behind these developments. Existing studies moreover tend to have a mono-disciplinary, national or sectoral focus. Over-arching conceptions of the interconnections between investments in multiple sectors and the often cross-European nature and intent of Chinese investments, as well as their (geo)political implications, is almost entirely absent. This does not augur well for the formulation of appropriate policy responses direly needed to engage constructively with rising China.
In the light of these scientific gaps and policy needs and by bringing together the leading and pioneering researchers from across Europe and beyond (e.g. China, USA), the aim of this Action is to:(a) pool current and stimulate further research on China’s deepening economic engagements with Europe (b) develop an interdisciplinary, holistic, cross-sectoral and pan-European understanding of the variegated impacts and strategies associated with these engagements; (c) comprehend the likely political and geo-political consequences of these; and (d) generate input on the policy implications of these issues involving relevant agencies from the EU, member countries, business, trade unions and other interested parties.

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