Docente: Valeria Falce

Corso di laurea: Laurea Magistrale in Economia e Management dell’Innovazione

Indirizzo: Management consulting

Anno Accademico: 2018-2019

CFU: 8

Durata dell'insegnamento:

Materiali didattici

Lingua: Inglese


The Course is intended to provide students with an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of Europena Integration and EU innovation Policy and Regulation. Having successfully completed the Course, students will be able to show a critical approach and knowledge of substantive issues in innovation policy and competition law with particular focus on EU Integration and a Single Innovation Market for Europe.

Teaching program

The Course is divided in three Modules, each one exploring a crucial area of European integration studies.

I Module: Innovation Union and EU innovation policy

  • Innovation in Europe: scoreboard, performance and indicators
  • The Lisbon strategy
  • The Europe 2020 growth strategy and the Innovation Union

II Module: Single Market for Intellectual Property Rights

  • The modernisation of Copyright and related rights
  • Trademark and related rights package
  • European Patent with unitary effect and the Trade secrets Directive

III Module: EU Integration and a Single Innovation market

  • The principle of territoriality
  • The principle of exhaustion and parallel imports
  • European knowledge market for patents and licensing

Seminar and lecture series on “Advanced studies on the intersection between Intellectual Property and competition law ” together with a Workshop on “Innovation value and innovation management” complete the Course.

Modes of course

Examination methods

Student Reception: before or after the lesson, or on request by email to the teacher

Recommended texts

A list with recommanded and additional readings will be provided in addition to:

  • V. Falce, G. Ghidini, G. Olivieri, Informazione e Big Data tra innovazione e concorrenza, Giuffrè, 2018 (Chapters in English)
  • V.Falce, G.Colangelo, Concorrenza e comportamenti escludenti nei mercati dell’innovazione, Il Mulino, Bologna, 2017 (Chapters in English)
  • F. Ghezzi, G. Olivieri, Diritto Antitrust, Giappichelli, Torino, 2013.