The program in Consulting (two years in English) allows you to acquire the knowledge and useful methods for strategic business advice (financial, fiscal, organizational) with the possibility of acquiring a double degree with a Master in Business Administration at the Universidad Catòlica de Murcia (Spain) or a Master’s degree in Economics and Management at the Sophia University Institute (Vatican City) or a Master in International Finance from St. Mary’s University Twickenham London (UK).

The distinctive courses of this program are: Human Resources Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Operations Management, EU and International Tax Law.

The choice of two optional courses, finally, allows a further personalization of your profile.


1st year – 2024/25 (in english)
Money and Financial Markets SECS-P/02 8
Empirical Analysis of Financial Markets SECS-P/05 8
History of Economic Thought  SECS-P/12 8
Market Law and Regulation IUS/05 6
Risk management SECS-P/11 6
Human Resource Management SECS-P/10 8
Ethics and Economics M-FIL/03 6
Management Skills Lab SECS-P/10 6
English for Business (idoneità) 6
Total credits 1st year 62


2nd year – 2025/26 (in english)
Mergers and Acquisitions SECS-P/07 6
Operations & Supply Chain Management SECS-P/08 8
Quantitative Finance SECS-S/06 8
European and International Tax Law IUS/12 6
Tirocini formativi e di orientamento 4
Due insegnamenti a scelta dello studente 12
Prova finale 14
Total credits 2nd year 58

Current Degree Courses

The courses active in the current AY are published in the 2-year Master Post Graduate Degree – Teaching section

Admission interview

Individual interviews for admission for the next academic year will take place face to face and remotely.

Enrollment in the 2-year Master Post Graduate Degree

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