Docente: Vittorio Vecchione

Corso di laurea: Laurea Magistrale in Economia e Management dell’Innovazione

Indirizzo: Management consulting

Anno Accademico: financing-innovation-and-entrepreneurship

CFU: 6

Durata dell'insegnamento:

Materiali didattici

Lingua: Inglese

Obiettivi formativi del corso

This course is designed to provide the student with a level of practical knowledge on the different possibilities offered by the market to finance a company in the earlier stage of development and on a set of risk management tools, based on scenario analysis, to select the best financing option that maximizes company value within the boundaries set by the entrepreneur’s risk appetite.
Students will learn a full range of financing methods and risk management concepts and methodologies and how they are practically applied. Moreover, to reach course’s objectives, case studies and computer sessions will strengthen the students’ theoretical knowledge and their ability to implement techniques and models.


Module 1 – Start up financing

  • Financing a start up: venture capital, private equity or private debt and other techniques.

Module 2 – Risk Management for Start up

  • Risk Management framework
  • Risk Management for a start up

Module 3 – Computer Lab sessions

  • Development of a toy model to evaluate a start up
  • Development of a model to efficiently choose the best financing mix strategy using scenario analysis and risk management techniques

Modalità di svolgimento del corso

Traditional lectures
Computer lab sessions

Modalità di svolgimento dell’esame

Final examination includes two tests (no oral):
1. Written questionnaire. This part of the test is based on a written questionnaire including true or false, multiple choice and open questions.
2. Exercise on an excel spreadsheet. The proposed test will be based on the evaluation scheme developed during computer lab sessions and will require the theoretical and practical knowledge learned during both traditional lectures and lab sessions. 

Testo di riferimento

Presentations, articles, papers and excel templates will be provided by the professor.

Testi consigliati