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Media has changed significantly in the past decade. There are new verticals, new platforms, and new content sources. So how do media experts continue to navigate successfully in this ever-changing space? What are the industry dynamics, and how do you stay on top of the competition?
This course is designed for media professionals who want to better understand the changing media industry and understanding Platforms and Content.
The course will teach a wide range of techniques used in online media and digital tools, helping to implement effective marketing strategies.
An important aspect of digital communication is fake news: what fake news is? Origin, disinformation and post-truth, the various types of fake news.
Tutors will use real-life examples from their extensive experience


Part 1
• The digital landscape
• Search marketing (SEO and PPC)
• Social media
• Analytics
• Future trends
• The digital landscape
• Personal branding

Part 2
•Fake News
• The grammar of fake news
• what fake news is
• origin
• disinformation and post-truth
• the various types of fake news
• why fake news is created
• how fake news is created
• techniques to confuse
• Logical fallacies
• debunking
• case history
Part 3
Digital marketing
• Email marketing
• Facebok advertising
• Online display
• Audience network
• Metrics
• Online campaign
• e-commerce
1) Comunicazione Digitale
2) Fake news
3) Digital Marketing

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The Fake News Bible – Camisani Calzolari – Amazon

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