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The Research Center of Excellence for Copyright Law (CREDA - Centro di Ricerca di Eccellenza per il Diritto d’Autore) aims at promoting every activity related to the development of a better knowledge of intellectual property, innovation and information technology rights. It also aims at improving book heritage accessibility. To this end, CREDA promotes research activities with regard to a wide spectrum of issues concerning intellectual property, biotechnology, electronic communications and audiovisual media, right of information and information technology, online rights and liabilities, consumer protection and trade practices, antitrust policy and regulation of network industries.
CREDA’s main target is to create an indissoluble link between creativity, culture, knowledge and legality. The achievement of the above-mentioned targets includes spreading and promotion of innovation right and intellectual property culture through:

  • scientific and technical cooperation among researchers and/or with professionals;

  • specific researches, courses, events and meetings, also in cooperation with other research centres;

  • editing of the online journal “Law Market Technology”;

  • scholarships established in the field of copyright and innovation right, and similar matters in classical, legal, economic and historic spheres;

  • creation of a specialized legal library.

The online journal “Law Market Technology” deals with matters related to intellectual property, market and competition, trade practices and consumer protection, biotechnologies, electronic communications and audiovisual, online rights of the person and liability. It is a constant support in the updating of the knowledge of scholars and of experts in the current socio-economic setting which is the result of the connection among law, market and technology in an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective, even thanks to its prestigious scientific committee that numbers eminent academicians.

CREDA, established under the Convention drawn up on May 12th, 2009 between Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and the European University of Rome, has become executive on December 13th, 2011 through the signature of the regulation by the General Director, Mr. Maurizio Fallace, and by the Rector Professor Father Paolo Scarafoni.
CREDA’s internal management is administered by the Joint Steering Committee, that has been established with Director’s Decree of February 22, 2012, composed by Profs. Valeria Falce and Andrea Stazi (European University) and Docs. Maria Concetta Cassata and Lucia Marchi (MIBAC).
CREDA is also going to establish a Scientific Committee composed by the major scholars and by scientific and professional experts of intellectual property.
The research center is hinged on the Departmental Centre for Research of the European University of Rome, directed by Prof. Alberto Maria Gambino, and in the Service for Copyright and Vigilance on SIAE of the General Directorate for Libraries, Cultural Institutes and Copyright of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.