Studying Economics and Management

It means committing yourself and enhancing your talents

Studying Economics and Management

Why choose economics at Università Europea di Roma

Studying Economics and Management means committing yourself and enhancing your talents by focusing on the acquisition of a solid transdisciplinary education.

By integrating different disciplines – Economics, Business Management, Accountancy and Law – the program allows graduates to enter many professions. The degree course provides you with a suite of skills which enables you:

  • to understand global political and economic decisions and their impact on our lives
  • to understand the contemporary issues that affect global business
  • to analyze the decisions made by a company from strategic, organizational, productive, marketing and commercial points of view
  • to read a financial statement and understand the economic impact of a project
  • to analyze and interpret figures and data in order to make rational decisions.

Studying Economics and Management at UER means choosing a university where the student is truly at the centre of a program of personal and professional development thanks to:

  • the low student-to-professor ratio
  • a high level of personalization in our program
  • a challenging, multicultural but simultaneously warm and welcoming university environment, where students have a name rather than a matriculation number
  • a prestigious teaching staff, committed to guaranteeing innovative teaching while producing excellent research results
  • a flexible study program, which offers a choice of specialization that responds to students’ professional aptitudes and ambitions
  • the university’s inclusion in an international network that provides all our students with the opportunity to study abroad
  • international agreements which allow students to obtain an additional degree abroad (double degree)
  • a major investment in experiential teaching methods in order to develop management skills and competencies

One Year of Program Taught Through English

The Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Management and the 2-year Master Post Graduate Degree in Economics and Innovation Management offer a training project with one year of the program taught through English. This responds to the increasing demand from companies, financial institutions, international organizations and research bodies, for young graduates with a highly qualified and versatile university education.

Developing Social and Personal Skills

Developing transdisciplinary skills means acquiring essential “soft” skills, those of:

  • successful management of interpersonal relationships
  • time management
  • team work
  • effective communication

These skills are increasingly required in the job market, in both companies and institutions as well as in freelance professions.

The good news for our students is that these skills are not necessarily innate but can be developed through specific “training”. For this reason, the Bachelor’s Degree in Economics invests heavily in a series of activities and experiences aimed at honing those effective skills, including:

  • Start-up skills: a workshop rather than a course, mandatory for all students attending the Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Management. The objective is to understand how an idea can be transformed into a business by simulating the presentation of a business plan to financiers and investors.
  • Management skills: a workshop based on group work and presentations, in which students attending the 2-year Master Post Graduate Degree in Economics and Innovation Management are trained to develop greater self-awareness, relate effectively to others, communicate effectively, work in a team and apply critical thinking to problem solving.
  • Individual Coaching Program: a coaching program for all second-year students of the 2-year Master Post Graduate Degree who are about to enter the job market, to enable them to identify a specific career objective, and develop a career pathway and a plan of action to meet this objective. The program includes 3 individual sessions with an accredited coach and a final report which certifies its completion and the results obtained.
  • Group Coaching Program: a program for third-year students of the Bachelor’s Degree to raise awareness of the goals, skills, abilities, needed to achieve their objectives, and to prepare themselves for the world of work and/or academic specialization they will undertake. The program includes 3 group sessions with an accredited coach.

Professional work experience placement

Work experience placements are aimed at providing the student with hands-on knowledge of the job market and the business work environment. Thus, the student is facilitated in making professional choices through direct contact with one of the professional sectors to which the degree gives access. It is a fundamental phase of university education and integral to our program. Internships are part of both the Bachelor’s and 2-year Master Post Graduate Degree programmes.

Social responsibility activities

UER believes that a university should provide students with a wealth of incentives that can allow them to discover and develop their potential and their interests, enhance their creative skills and develop their capacity to contribute to society. Therefore we expect all students to carry out practical activities in the context of social initiatives or projects created by UER, public bodies, or private organizations belonging to the voluntary sector (mainly NPOs and NGOs). Students will thereby increase their sensitivity to social dynamics, to the active exercise of solidarity, and to their awareness of the social value of professional commitment.

Social responsibility activities are part of the Bachelor’s Degree study programme.

International study programs

International double degree

Università Europea di Roma considers it essential to offer its students the opportunity to follow an international study program.

Thanks to UER’s partnership with other universities, students of Economics and Business Management can carry out part of their study program abroad by enrolling in a double degree course.

This double degree course is a study program at the end of which the students will obtain two degrees, the Italian one issued by Università Europea di Roma, and the other issued by the partner University abroad.

Access to the double degree is regulated by public announcement, and the number of eligible places is limited. Successful applicants will complete at least one year of studies at the partner university and can receive financial support from Università Europea di Roma. Find out more »

LSE Summer School of Business and Management

Università Europea di Roma offers students enrolled in the second and third year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Management, and students enrolled in the first and second year of the 2-year Master Post Graduate Degree in Economics and Innovation Management, the opportunity to take part in the LSE Summer School of Business and Management at the London School of Economics

The London School of Economics and Political Science, winner of the QS World University Rankings 2017-2018 as the second best University of Social Sciences, is one of the world’s most important institutions of Social and Economic Sciences. Find out more »