Management Specialisation develops and broadens the student’s knowledge of global  business issues – an essential requirement for management practice within organizations.

Through the study and practical application  of theoretical models and cases in the different areas of business management, the course prepares our  graduates to  take on management roles in the different managerial functions and in different industrial sectors, as well as preparing them for roles in consultancy.

Course Program

This academic and professional program, with one year of the course taught through English, was created in response to the growing demand – from companies, financial institutions, international bodies and research institutions – for young graduates with a highly qualified and versatile university education in the disciplines of Economics and Management. 

The curriculum facilitates entry into the job market by offering  intensive Business English courses, professional work placements in institutions and companies, international and orientation internships, tutoring and career counselling services. 

In UER we focus on business ethics and social responsibility in entrepreneurial activities, finance and freelance work, as well as the development of effective communication, problem-solving and team-working skills, and the management of interpersonal relationships.

During the 3rd year, the following courses are taught in English: Business Evaluation, Statistics for Business, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Economic History, Organizational Behaviour.

1st year – 2020/21
Business Administration (in Italian) SECS-P/07 10
Microeconomics (in Italian) SECS-P/01 8
Private Law (in Italian) IUS/01 8
Macroeconomics (in Italian) SECS-P/02 8
Mathematical Methods of Economics (in Italian) MAT/02 7
Theoretical Philosophy (in Italian) M-FIL/01 6
English Language (in Italian) 6
IT(in Italian) 3
ECTS total amount for the 1st year  56
2nd year – 2021/22
Financial Mathematics (in Italian) SECS-S/06 8
Economics and Business Management (in Italian) SECS-P/08 8
Statistics (in Italian) SECS-S/01 7
Company Organisation (in Italian) SECS-P/10  6
Financial Statements and Accounting Standards (in Italian) SECS-P/07 8
Business and Economic Law (in Italian) IUS/05 12
Philosophical and Cultural Anthropology (in Italian) M-FIL/03 6
Startup Skills (in English) SECS-P/10 6
Social Responsibility Activities 3
ECTS total amount for the 2nd year 64
3rd year 2022/23 (in English)
Economic history SECS-P/12 8
Statistics for business SECS-S/03 6
Business evaluation SECS-P/07 6
Marketing management SECS-P/08 8
Operations management SECS-P/08 7
Organizational behavior SECS-P/10 6
Training and Orientation Internships 4
Electives 12
Graduation Exam 3
ECTS total amount for the 3rd year 60

Our Current Degree Courses

The courses active in the AY 2020-21 are published in the Bachelor’s Degree teaching section