Management (two years in Italian) allows you to acquire the knowledge and methods for a managerial career in different business roles (commercial and marketing, management and organization of human resources, logistics and production) with the possibility of acquiring a double degree with a Master’s Degree in Economics and Management at the Sophia University Institute (Vatican City).

Compared to the other courses, the main features of this profile are: Economics and Innovation Management, Economics of Global Markets, Behavioral Economics, International Marketing.

The choice of two optional courses, finally, allows a further personalization of your profile.

1st year – 2023/24 (in italian)
Mercati monetari e finanziari SECS-P/02 8
Economia dei mercati globali SECS-P/01 6
Economia comportamentale e scelte di consumo SECS-P/01 8
Diritto del mercato e dell’economia IUS/05 8
Marketing internazionale SECS-P/08 8
Etica ed economia M-FIL/03 6
Metodi statistici per le decisioni aziendali SECS-S/03 6
Management Skills Lab SECS-P/10 6
English for Business 6
Total credits 1st year 62
2nd year – 2024/25 (in italian)
Crisi e risanamento d’impresa SECS-P/07 6
Economia e gestione dell’innovazione SECS-P/08 8
Metodi quantitativi per la finanza SECS-S/06 8
Ecosistemi dell’innovazione SECS-P/06 6
Internship/project work 4
Two elective courses 12
Final work 14
Total credits 2nd year 58

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