The Tourism course (first year in English) allows you to acquire the knowledge and methods to start or manage tourism businesses and services, integrating business, economic, legal, managerial and quantitative knowledge, typical of a degree in economics, with applications and insights into the tourism industry.

Compared to the other courses, the courses that characterize this profile are: Economics of Global Tourism, Data Analysis for Tourism, Ecosystems of innovation for tourism, International Marketing.

The choice of two optional courses, finally, allows a further personalization of your profile.

1st year – 2023/24 (in english)
Economics of Global Tourism SECS-P/01 8
Data Analysis for Tourism SECS-S/03 6
Money and Financial Markets SECS-P/02 8
Market Law and Regulation IUS/05 8
Risk management SECS-P/11 6
Human Resource Management SECS-P/10 8
Ethics and Economics M-FIL/03 6
Management Skills Lab SECS-P/10 6
English for Business 6
Total credits 1st year 62
2nd year – 2024/25 (in italian)
Crisi e risanamento d’impresa SECS-P/07 6
Metodi quantitativi per la finanza SECS-S/06 6
Ecosistemi dell’innovazione per il turismo SECS-P/06 8
Marketing internazionale SECS-P/11 8
Internship/project work 4
Two elective courses 12
Final work 14
Total credits 2nd year 58

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