The specialization in Management trains professionals to be able to understand and manage companies and international businesses. The programme provides extensive preparation for managing different functions (organization, logistics, marketing, finance, production, etc.) within different organizations (manufacturing, trading, services and utilities, public administration, etc.) and sectors (industrial, financial, etc.).

By studying theories, models and real-life situations, the BS programme trains open-minded and internationally-oriented managers to be able to deal with many different problems in complex organizations and dynamic environments.

Study plan

The First year provides the fundamentals of economic theory, economic history and private law. It also includes courses on quantitative methods for business, philosophy and business economics.

The Second year focuses on international accounting, business management and organization. It also provides students with the basic tools for understanding financial and quantitative analysis, competition law and macroeconomics. 

The Third year provides students with advanced courses on business law, finance and business statistics. It also focuses on specific areas of business management, such as marketing, finance, planning and control, information systems and technologies.

First Year (Italian Language) – 2022/23
Accounting SECS-P/07 8
Microeconomics SECS-P/01 8
Principles of private law IUS/01 8
Economic history SECS-P/12 6
Mathematics MAT/02 8
Philosophy and economics M-FIL/01 12
Business English 6
Business Informatics 3
Total credits 59


Second Year (Italian Language) – 2023/24

Business management SECS-P/08 8
Financial calculus SECS-S/06 8
Macroeconomics SECS-P/02 8
Statistics SECS-S/01 6
Business organization SECS-P/10 8
International accounting SECS-P/07 6
Competition law & anti-trust IUS/05 8
Entrepreneurship & sustainability Lab 9
Social responsibility programme 4
Total credits 65


Third Year (Italian Language) – 2024/25
Business statistics SECS-S/03 6
Planning & managerial control SECS-P/07 6
Marketing & communication SECS-P/08 6
Information systems & technologies INF/04 6
Comparative corporate governance IUS/04 6
Corporate tax advisory IUS/12 6
Internship/project work 4
Two elective courses 12
Final work 4
Total credits 56

The management specialization offers a wide selection of elective courses taught in the English Language and an Advanced Business English class.

The Study Plan includes workshops, seminars and laboratories on specific topics such as entrepreneurship, sustainability, artificial intelligence (AI) and business ethics. A number of other activities – such as international internships, tutoring, Social Responsibility Programme and group coaching – provide on-the-job experience and prepare the students for the Master of Science Programme or their working life.

Teaching section

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