The 2-year Master Post Graduate Degree in Economics and Management of Innovation (LM-56) provides graduates with a solid professional framework so that they are prepared to identify and create entrepreneurial opportunities or assume innovative management roles within companies. Post-graduate students will learn to manage innovative projects and evaluate business projects and plans, to transform ideas into responsible projects, products and services that will benefit their communities..

The curriculum provides the tools of economic and business theory and quantitative methodologies applied to the analysis of big data, market forecasting, and business analysis & planning. The degree also provides students with a sound knowledge of issues related to the management of innovative processes in different industrial contexts, analyzing both the economic models of the diffusion of innovation and the management aspects (economic-financial, strategic, marketing, operations, organizational behaviour) that characterize the innovation processes in companies.


  • Highly interactive methodologies: our lessons are conducted with a limited number of students which makes it possible to effectively apply innovative experiential methodologies based on team-working, discussion, problem-solving, analysis and the resolution of case studies.
  • A strong investment in the development of students’ personal skills (problem-solving, decision-making, communication, teamwork), essential competencies for successful entry in the job market. This is also achieved through individual coaching.
  • The construction of solid quantitative analysis skills, increasingly in demand in the job market.

Training objectives and career opportunities

In the current business climate, the ability to innovate is of crucial importance when competing in any business, and the skills underpinning it are essential to core management roles.

The student will acquire transdisciplinary knowledge related to the economic, business, legal and quantitative methodologies, and at the same time will hone skills in:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Administration and control
  • Organization and human resource management
  • Production and logistics

This combination of knowledge and skills will enable the graduate to manage any organizational context and to launch business initiatives and implement business ideas with highly innovative content.

These skills will be marketable in all industrial areas, with an additional focus on sectors with highly innovative content (pharma and biotechnology, ICT, high tech manufacturing, advanced services, telecommunications, etc.).

The 2-year Master Post Graduate Degree, in close collaboration with the Job Placement Office – dedicated to the search for job opportunities and professional experience for undergraduates and graduates – is constantly engaged in the search for professional work placement opportunities that are in line with students’ expectations and aptitudes.

Through the choice of professional internships and the support that professors offer in choosing the final thesis, we guarantee students personalized support and orientation to help them achieve professional and personal confidence and satisfaction.

This personal growth is accomplished by the additional course input of event participation by managers and business and organizational leaders, presentations of company cases, orientation days, workshops dedicated to the development of soft skills, company visits, simulations of real situations (company evaluations, presentations to top management teams, financial forecasts, etc.).

A constant openness to the diversity and complexity of companies, roles and possible specializations, allows our graduates to identify and achieve their career goals.

UER is in partnership with the Italian Association of Accountants (Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili di Roma). Therefore:

  • A degree from UER meets the access requirements to the profession of accountancy (regulated by the Italian decree D.Lgs. 28 giugno 2005, n. 139), and of statutory auditor (in accordance with the Italian decree D.Lgs. 27 gennaio 2010, n. 39)
  • Students have the opportunity to carry out a six-month internship during the last year of the degree
  • Students obtain exemption from the first part of the State exam to access section B of the Italian Accountants register (Albo dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili)

One year of the degree course taught through English

The 2-year Master Post Graduate Degree in Economics and Innovation Management provides, within the specialisation in Management Consulting, professional and academic development with one year of the course taught through English. This degree course responds to the increasing demand from companies, financial institutions, international organizations and research bodies, for young graduates with a highly qualified and versatile university education.

During the 1st year the following courses are taught through English: Monetary policy, Applied Econometrics, History of Innovation and Economic Growth, Market Law and Regulation, Human Resource Management, Economics and Ethics, Financing Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Management Skills.

International study programs

International double degree

Università Europea di Roma offers its students the opportunity to follow an international study program.

Thanks to UER’s partnership with other universities, students of Economics can carry out part of their study program abroad by enrolling in a double degree.

This is a study program at the end of which students will obtain two degrees, the Italian one issued by Università Europea di Roma and the other issued by the partner University abroad.

Access to the double degree is regulated by public announcement and the number of eligible places is limited. Selected students will complete at least one year of studies at the partner university and can receive financial support from Università Europea di Roma.
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LSE Summer School of Business and Management

Università Europea di Roma offers students enrolled in the second and third year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Management, and students enrolled in the first and second year of the 2-year Master Post Graduate Degree in Economics and Innovation Management, the opportunity to take part in the LSE Summer School of Business and Management at the London School of Economics

The London School of Economics and Political Science, winner of the QS World University Rankings 2017-2018 as the second best University of Social Sciences, is one of the world’s most important institutions of Social and Economic Sciences. Find out more »


Course specialisations

  • Management Consulting (with one year of courses through English) broadens the students’ framework of analysis and knowledge of issues related to contemporary strategic business consulting.
  • Innovation Management deepens the necessary economic, organizational and financial knowledge in order to analyze organizational problems, make decisions, and operate in business management and entrepreneurship.

Enrolment in the 2-year Master Post Graduate Degree

For information on how to enrol please contact:

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