The Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Management (L-18) trains professionals to be able to understand the complexity of global economic and business environments. 

The programme focuses on economic theory and management tools typical of companies and organizations with significant international exposure. The contents are tailored to give the students a solid preparation – in the fields of international economics, management, business law and data analysis – combined with an open-minded and interdisciplinary approach.

The programme also trains future entrepreneurs and professionals to be able to address complex problems in the consulting or professional service industry, or in public administration.  

Granduates are trained to become good managers, consultants and entrepreneurs as they have the values, the attitude and the solid knowledge needed to take decisions, manage the resources available and use flexible mindsets for each situation.  

The three-year undergraduate programme matches perfectly with – and prepares students for – the Masters Programme in Economics and Innovation Management in UER, or any other post-graduate programme.

Programme structure

The students can choose between two different specializations:

The programme offers an innovative learning environment in which traditional teaching is combined with team and project works, laboratories, talks by experts and business games. Each year many transdisciplinary activities are organized to develop students’ critical thinking, leadership, teamwork and other soft skills. The Social Responsibility Programme is an example of how the programme builds both the values and attitude needed by a future manager, consultant or entrepreneur, in order to face uncertainty and complexity in economic and business contexts.


The Bachelor program offers a set of laboratories on outstanding topics such as sustainability and entrepreneurship. A laboratory is a learning activity in which we train the students’ soft skills such as confidence, teamwork, communication and critical thinking. These skills are important for the employability of the students and for their career development. The laboratories are also multicultural and international learning environments in which students can train their adaptability skills.

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After graduation? Career opportunities

After graduation, those students who have a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Management can be employed – in managerial roles – in private and public organizations, in banks and financial institutions, in non-profit organizations and in public administration. They can also work as tax, financial, strategic and managerial advisors in consulting and professional service firms or become entrepreneurs in their own start-ups.  

Many of our students continue their education by enrolling in a two-year postgraduate programme (Laurea Magistrale). The knowledge acquired during the Bachelor degree allows each student to progress successfully either in UER postgraduate programmes or any other postgraduate programme in Italy and abroad.   

For the students interested in working as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), UER has signed an agreement with the “Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili” in Rome to facilitate – by reducing the number of tests – the national qualification exam (as established in D.Lgs. 28/06/2005, n. 139 and D.Lgs. 27/01/2010, n. 39).

Studying abroad

Studying abroad can be a good opportunity for students to grow, both academically and personally, in a multicultural environment.

Students in this programme can participate in different study-abroad options, both for short periods (such as an Exchange Programme or Summer School) and longer periods (such as Double Degrees).

Double Degree

A Double Degree is a joint programme that allows students to study in two Universities (UER and their partners) and receive two diplomas, one from each University, without extending the programme duration.

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Summer Schools

The students of Science in Economics and Business Management– can attend the LSE Summer School of Business and Management at the London School of Economics  and the Summer School Business and Leadership in Central Europe at the University of Economics in Bratislava

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Why study in UER

The Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Management degree in UER offers an innovative, dynamic and internationally oriented learning environment in which academic teaching is combined with social experiences to foster our students’ personal growth and values. We believe that a University is not just a place for studying but is also a community of people engaging in education, research and social-cultural activities. 

These are some reasons for choosing our Bachelor of Science degree:

  • Small classes
  • Innovative learning environment
  • Individual and group coaching
  • 97% Employment rate
  • International network
  • Social Responsibility Programme

Enrollment in the Bachelor’s Degree

For information on how to enroll please contact

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