The Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Management (L-18) offers a sound training for those who want to acquire the skill set essential to understanding the world of business. Thanks to an effective balance between theoretical content – in the economic, business, legal and quantitative fields – and specialist and practical content, the degree aims at providing graduates with a qualified, transdisciplinary and versatile preparation for confidently dealing with the job market, or for successfully continuing their studies by choosing a specialization ( in the areas of administration and control, finance, marketing, human resource management, risk management, etc.) or a sectoral specialization ( in banking, manufacturing, agro-food, ICT, strategic consulting sectors, etc.)

Studying Economics and Business Management at UER involves not only acquiring solid knowledge of the disciplines of Business and Economics, but also develops student capacity for critical analysis of global business issues. Therefore, the Bachelor’s Degree provides the bridge between academic knowledge and a broad understanding of industry, a suite of competencies and skills, specific to business economics, legal and quantitative disciplines, on which graduates will be able to build their own specialization – solid “bricks” that give our students the ability to successfully build their own professional pathway.

Outstanding Features of the Program

  • Prestigious experienced academics with in-depth knowledge of specialist areas
  • Personalised relationships between professors and students
  • Interactive and participatory teaching methodologies
  • Simulations, business games, business presentations to train behavioural skills
  • Access to business leaders and company missions as an integral part of the degree organisation
  • Courses in English and Business English
  • Start-up skills workshop
  • Social responsibility program
  • Close relationship with the business world
  • Organised and well-run university campus set in beautiful grounds

Class Schedule

Teaching activity is divided into two semesters of 12 weeks each, with lesson schedules arranged so as to streamline time, concentrate lessons, and distribute the workload equally between lectures, workshops and personal study.

Educational objectives and employment opportunities

The Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Management aims at preparing professionals capable of entering the world of management in both private and public companies, as well as the business consultancy sector. We provide the opportunity to acquire a solid set of skills and competencies in a range of management sectors, together with the ability to understand the complex dynamics that affect contemporary economics and global business.

With this purpose, the degree is structured so as provide students with the tools of critical analysis and practical managerial competence that will enable them to meet and manage the business challenges of our globalized world.

The core of the degree consists in:

  • Business disciplines
    • Business Economics, Economics and Business Management, Business Organization, Business Finance
  • Economics
    • Political Economy and Applied Economics
  • Legal
    • Private Law, Economic Law, Commercial Law
  • Statistical-Mathematical
    • Mathematics, Statistics and Economic Statistics

UER places a special focus on issues of ethics – relevant as never before – in entrepreneurial activity, finance and freelance work, as well as to the development of communication skills, problem-solving and team-working, a suite of skills required of graduates who want to hold corporate or consulting positions.

UER is in partnership with the Italian Association of Accountants (Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili di Roma). Therefore:

  • A degree from UER meets the access requirements to the profession of accountancy (regulated by the Italian decree D.Lgs. 28 giugno 2005, n. 139), and of statutory auditor (in accordance with the Italian decree D.Lgs. 27 gennaio 2010, n. 39).
  • Students have the opportunity to carry out a six-month internship during the last year of the degree
  • Students obtain exemption from the first part of the State exam to access section B of the Italian Accountants register (Albo dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili)

One year of the degree course taught through English

The Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Management and the 2-year Master Post Graduate Degree in Economics and Innovation Management offer professional and academic development, with one year of the degree cours taught through English.

This is a targeted response to the increasing demand from companies, financial institutions, international organizations and research bodies, for young graduates with a highly qualified and versatile university education.

During the 3rd year of the degree the courses of Business Evaluation, Statistics for Business, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Economic History and Organisational behaviour are taught in English.

International study programs

International double degree

Università Europea di Roma offers its students the opportunity to follow an international study program.

Thanks to UER’s partnership with other universities, students of Economics can carry out part of their study program abroad by enrolling in a double degree.

This is a study program at the end of which our students will obtain two degrees, the Italian one issued by Università Europea di Roma and the other issued by the partner University abroad.

Access to the double degree is regulated by public announcement and the number of students is limited. Those selected will complete at least one year of studies at the partner university and can receive financial support from Università Europea di Roma.
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LSE Summer School of Business and Management

Università Europea di Roma offers students in the second and third year of the Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Management, and students in the first and second year of the Master’s Degree in Economics and Innovation Management, the opportunity to take part in the LSE Summer School of Business and Management at the London School of Economics

The London School of Economics and Political Science, winner of the QS World University Rankings 2017-2018 as the second best University of Social Sciences, is one of the world’s most important institutions of Social and Economic Sciences. Find out more »



The Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Management is divided into two separate specializations and specific professional development and learning for a total of 180 ECTS-credits:

Enrollment in the Bachelor’s Degree

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