Bachelor’s Degree graduation exam

Admission to the graduation exam

In order to submit the application for the graduation exam, students must fill in the online application directly from the University informatic system Esse3.

Within two months from the starting date of the degree session, students must submit the following forms to the Student Care Office:

  • Graduation exam application form
  • Thesis Dissertation form (signed by the thesis professor)
  • Certificate of enrollment including exams (signed by the thesis professor)

The graduation exam application must be handed in together with by a revenue stamp (€ 16,00).

Within 20 days from the starting date of the degree, please submit to the Student Care Office:

  • the final dissertation approval form signed by the thesis professor
  • one original, definitive, leather-bound dissertation, signed at the bottom by the thesis professor (this paper will remain in the Library if consent is given for its publication, otherwise it will be returned to the student on the graduation exam date)
  • one dissertation written in electronic format (CD-ROM), (CONSULT THE EDITORIAL GUIDELINES ON HOW TO WRITE IT)
  • the student’s academic record booklet
  • the CD-ROM thesis compliance form (a form included in the editorial guidelines)
  • a copy of the payment receipt of the admission fee to the graduation exam
  • a 16,00 euro revenue stamp (for parchment issue)


Domanda per il conseguimento del titolo

Norme redazionali per la tesi di laurea

Linee guida e tempistiche per la stesura della tesi