Carmen Bizzarri is qualified as associate professor in the M/GGR-02 sector, she is currently a
Adjunt Professor at Università Europea di Roma and lecturer of the courses: Environmental
policies in the Economics Degree (6 ECTS), Networks and tourism systems in the Tourism and Land Management Degree (3 ECTS), geography workshop in the Sciences of Primary Education Degree. She coordinates the postgraduate course in Management of Tourism Companies at Università Europea di Roma and is currently responsible for the work-related project Alternanza scuola-lavoro at Università Europea di Roma. Holder of a PhD, she has taught as an Adjunt Professor in some Italian universities. She has presented her scientific contributions as a speaker at several conferences in Italy and abroad and collaborates with many Italian and foreign scholars in her researches aimed at analysing the geo-economic and environmental dynamics of tourism activities. She published her contributions in national and international journals. She has participated as a researcher in several PRIN, research projects of national interest. She is treasurer of the Tourism study association Sistur, auditor at the Italian Geographic Society and member of the technical scientific committee of ITS Turismo Roma. Author of numerous articles in several national and international journals, she holds several curatorships and contributions in multiple volumes, as well as a monograph.

Research interests

Tourism Geography, environmental policies, resource usage, sustainable land development,
tourism training.

The main strand of her research is aimed at studying the sustainable use of resources and its
application to tourism at a local, regional and global level. Other research strands related to
the former have as main theme the spatial analysis of environmental and agricultural
resources for a lasting and sustainable territorial development.

The collaboration with scholars and university colleagues at an international level has
contributed to further expanding research and deepen some case studies.

Recent publications

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