Imputability of offenses: civil and criminal profile

This morning we address the issue of the imputability of offenses from both a civil and criminal point of view.
Civil imputability of offenses
Lecturer: Salvatore Sica, Full Professor of Private Law at the University of Salerno and founding member of the Italian Academy of the Internet Code (IAIC), member of the National Bar Council. Vice President of the Higher School of Advocacy, former member of the Scientific Committee of the CSM and of the Superior Communications Council. Journalist-publicist, he regularly collaborates with various newspapers and with RAI programming.
Imputability of criminally relevant conduct
Lecturer: Massimiliano Annetta, a lawyer authorized to practice before the Supreme Court of Cassation, has been a professor of criminal law for over ten years at the School of Specialization for Legal Professions at the University of Florence. He is an adjunct professor of Criminal Evidence Law and Criminology at the Mercatorum University of Rome and Director and Coordinator of the 1st level University Master in “Anti-corruption: a new model of public ethics. Legal responses and new protagonists” at Link Campus University From Rome.