The InnoLawLab Editorial Series “Law and Innovation” is directed by the Steering Committee and edited by Pacini Giuridica.

Bodies of the Editorial Series are the Editorial Committee, made up of tenured and contracted Professors of the Lab, and the Referral Committee, appointed by the Steering Committee among the 1st and 2nd level Professors chosen because of their high scientific specialization in the areas of interest..

Regulation of the Editorial Series [PDF]

Volume 1

Circulation of Data – Ownership, means of negotiation, rights and protections – Alberto M. Gambino e Andrea Stazi (edited by)

Preface by: Pasquale Stanzione

Essays by: Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich, Alberto M. Gambino, Giorgio Resta, Andrea Stazi, Davide Mula, Francesca Corrado, Elena Maggio, Rosaria Petti, Chantal Bomprezzi

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Prof. Alberto M. Gambino presentation

Volume 2

Cybersecurity law – Italian and European discipline of cyber security also in the light of technical standards – Alfonso Contaldo e Davide Mula (edited by)

Introduction by: Giuseppe Busia

Essays by: Flavio Campara, Alfonso Contaldo, Davide Mula, Flaviano Peluso, Luca Salandri

Download the index of the book