Self-driving vehicles and AI

Self-driving vehicles are the subject of a lively debate, determined by their #multidirectional scope, in consideration of the significant consequences they can produce, in various areas, both from a legal and ethical point of view.
In fact, the issues connected to them range from the authorship of the system that guarantees the functioning of the self-driving vehicle to the # responsibility deriving from their design, production, distribution and circulation which – according to the # ExpertGroup on #liability and #newtechnologies Report of last November 21 – must be considered attributable exclusively to natural or legal persons (the latter with regard to design, production and distribution).
At the same time, their dissemination requires defining on the #processual level the ways in which to provide for the acquisition of the necessary evidential material, through the available hardware and software, without altering the integrity of the #data recorded of which, in particular in the in the case of personal data, it is also necessary to define the processing methods in order to ensure an adequate protection system.
These and other profiles will be addressed during the lessons of the MASTER IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. LAW AND ETHICS OF EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES of the European University of Rome.