Protection of personal data and IOT

The module dedicated to the relationship between data protection and emerging technologies continues. Here are the lessons this afternoon.
Protection of personal data by design and by default: from minimization to pseudonymisation techniques
Lecturer: Pasquale Di Gennaro, senior officer at the “Information technology and IT security” department of the Authority for the protection of personal data. He works on issues related to the application of European data protection law, blockchain technologies for privacy, cloud computing, biometrics, digital identity and IOT.
IoT and personal data processing
Lecturer: Giorgio Resta, Full Professor of Comparative Private Law at the Department of Law of the University of Roma Tre. There he teaches “Comparative Legal Systems” and “Digital Technologies and the Law”.
He has taught, as Visiting Professor, at numerous foreign universities, including McGill University, the University of Nagoya, the EHESS of Paris.
In 2015 he was elected associate member of the Academie Internationale de Droit Comparé; he is a fellow of the European Law Institute; he is a member of the Italian Association of Comparative Law and of the Association for the Study of Civil Law. He is the director of various A-tier scientific series and journals, including The Law of Information and Information Technology and Critical Review of Private Law. He is the author of various monographs and more than a hundred scientific articles in the field of fundamental rights, new technologies, property, civil liability, information law and legal comparison in general.