Liability for Artificial Intelligence and other emerging digital technologies

On November 21, the #EuExpertGroup published the “Liability for Artificial Intelligence and other emerging digital technologies” Report in which it defined the development lines to be followed in relation to the liability regime to be applied to AI and emerging technologies.
In the Report, the Group of Experts – placing itself in line with the position taken on 31 May 2017 by the European Economic and Social Committee in document C-288, published on 31 August 2017 – denied the opportunity to establish “#electronics” as new center of indictment of subjective legal situations, as the European Parliament had also envisaged.
In fact, it was considered more efficient to articulate the system for allocating the damage produced by new technologies on the responsibility of #physicals and #jury personnel, redefining, where necessary, the aforementioned allocation criterion in the light of the new realities outlined by #innovazionetecnologica.
The existing legislation and the development prospects on the subject will be dealt with during the Master in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, LAW AND ETHICS OF EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES of the European University of Rome, in which Prof. Al Mureden, Prof. Bilotti, Prof. Scialdone and Prof.ssa. Bomprezzo.