Lessons of October 3rd

Long Saturday of lessons at the Master. We enter the last month before the discussion of the final papers and the achievement of the title by our students!
Lessons today:
Preservation of digital evidence (and memory)
Lecturer: Andrea Lisi, lawyer of the Lecce Bar and President of Anorc Professioni, has been dealing with law applied to new technologies for more than twenty years, with particular attention to the issues of IT documents and electronic storage. Author of numerous publications, he maintains a blog for Il Fatto Quotidiano. Creator and founder of the Italia Digital Minions group
Case study: digital proof in the criminal trial
Lecturer: Emanuela Cerasella, lawyer of the Rome bar, attorney before the Supreme Court of Cassation and other higher jurisdictions, coordinator of the subgroup of studies and research of neuro-law of the GdN
Technological innovation and Value Sensitive Design
Lecturer: Antonio Carnevale, senior researcher consultant in ethics, technology, philosophy at CyberEthics Lab. Author of numerous scientific publications and responsible for international research projects on the subject
Biotechnology and bioengineering: ethical profiles and operational consequences
Lecturer: Maurizio Calipari, lecturer in charge of cultural and philosophical anthropology at the European University of Rome (Degree in Economics and Business Management) and of Bioethics at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome (Degree in Physiotherapy). He was a researcher at the Pontifical Academy for Life