Law and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: signed an agreement between the European University of Rome and AIDR

A partnership agreement has been signed between the European University of Rome and the Italian Digital Revolution Association (AIDR) for training professionals who, equipped with a solid juridical, ethical and IT knowledge background, will be able to support companies and professional firms in the acquisition of such funding.

The agreement was signed by the Rector of the European University of Rome, Prof. P. Amador Barrajon Munoz L.C. and Mauro Nicastri, from the Agency for digital Italy and President of Aidr. For the realization of what established in the partnership agreement, a scientific committee has been constituted and it will be composed by Alberto Gambino, Andrea Stazi, Mauro Covino and Mauro Nicastri.

The first operative step of the agreement is the promotion of the Master degree on “Artificial Intelligence: law and ethics of new emerging technologies”, which will start in January 2020. This Master, coordinated by the InnoLawLab, is organized with the contribution of the International Third Pillar Foundation and with the collaboration of the De Gasperi Foundation of Rome.

Partners and members of AIDR will benefit from a 20% reduction on the tuition of the Master, whose registrations will close on December 9th, 2019.