Last lesson of the master

We have reached the end of the Master: last lesson this Saturday with two illustrious representatives of the European Commission.
The new community planning and investments in artificial intelligence
Lecturer: Vittorio Calaprice, political analyst and institutional relations, Political Affairs Sector, Relations with national institutions at the European Commission – Representation in Italy. He received a teaching assignment on European financial planning 2014-2020 at the University of Naples “L’ Orientale “.
Next Generation EU, emerging technologies and drive towards digitalization
Lecturer: Lucilla Sioli, she is Director of “Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry” for DG Connect at the European Commission where she coordinates the industrial strategy for European digitization. Prior to this post, you were head of the Digital Economy and Skills Unit, responsible for publishing the DESI | Digital Index of Economy and Society, of the annual Europe’s Digital Progress Report as well as of the management of the policy for digital skills within the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. you have a PhD in Economics from the University of Southampton and another PhD from the Catholic University of Milan.