Intersections between Artificial Intelligence, technology and intellectual property

Long weekend dedicated to the intersections between Artificial Intelligence, technology and intellectual property
Friday 19 June 2020
Technology and copyright: the legal protection of DRMS
Lecturer: Ferdinando Tozzi, PhD in “Private Economic Law” (University of Naples Federico II). Lawyer specializing in Copyright and Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property Rights he was a member, as an expert, of the Permanent Advisory Committee for Copyright.
Saturday 20 June 2020
Artificial intelligence and authorship
Lecturer: Giorgio Spedicato, Associate Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Bologna where he teaches Intellectual Property Law and Digital Copyright and Related Rights. He also teaches the same subjects in various Masters and PhD courses at the University of Bologna (including the Doctorate in “Law, Science and Technology” and the Master in “New Technologies Law and Legal Informatics”) and other Universities (including which the Master in “Competition and innovation law” of the LUISS University of Rome).
Artificial intelligence systems at the service of copyright enforcement
Lecturer: Fabio Dell’Aversana, Professor of Entertainment Law and Legislation at the Conservatories of Music in Cesena, Frosinone, Livorno, Piacenza and Terni. In addition, he teaches Economic Law and Private Law at the University of Cassino and Economics and the Art Market at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.
Systematic framework and evolutionary profiles of industrial property
Lecturer: Alberto Musso, Full Professor of Commercial Law at the School of Law of the University of Bologna. Professor of Industrial Law, Intellectual Property Law and Competition Law at the Faculty of Law – Bologna and Ravenna offices. Professor of Intellectual Property and Bioethics at the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of Bologna .
Artificial intelligence, new research dynamics and problem and solution approach
Lecturer: Cesare Galli, Lawyer and Full Professor, holder of the chair of Industrial Law at the University of Parma, since 2002 he has been included in international specialized guides as one of the leading Italian specialists in the defense of industrial property.