Europlanning and digital transformation

The #CommissioneEuropea has foreseen in the financial program 2021-2027 the allocation of 92 billion euros for the creation of #DigitalEurope, a new financing instrument that – together with those already existing, such as Horizon – will support digital innovation activities in the in the context of the “Single Market, innovation and digital agenda”.
Digital Europe is aimed at the implementation of digital skills and competences in different areas and, for its first year of implementation, provides for the establishment of Digital Innovation Poles, whose function will be to provide support to businesses , to public administration and academic institutions for the purpose of optimizing #digitaltransformation.
As part of the MASTER IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, LAW AND ETHICS OF EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES at the European University of Rome, we will also discuss #Europesigning to deepen the study of all the implications concerning European and national public tenders.