Digital Forensics and Predictive Justice

This afternoon we conclude the module dedicated to digital forensics and open the one related to predictive justice
The historical and evolutionary profiles of mobile forensics
Lecturer: Paolo Dal Checco, IT consultant in the field of Forensic IT Expertise and Digital Investigations for Criminal, Civil or extrajudicial processes. In addition to consulting and forensic IT appraisals, he has been carrying out for years event initiatives, scientific dissemination and training for individuals, companies and universities such as that of Milan or Turin, for which he held the role of Adjunct Professor until 2018. of the IT Security Course within the Strategic Science Degree Course (SUISS). He continuously carries out technical expertise, forensic acquisition and analysis of smartphones, websites, email chats, Whatsapp or Messenger, social network profiles with particular interest in the investigative aspects of cryptocurrencies, OSINT and problems relating to the phenomenon of ransomware.
AI and management of the out-of-court phase of disputes
Lecturer: Alessio Bonafine, lecturer in European procedural law and International Arbitration at the European University of Rome where he also obtained his doctorate in Legal and Technology Categories.
Gianfranco D’Aietti, former President of the Bankruptcy and Executions Section of the Court of Monza and President of the Court of Sondrio. Magistrate of Cassation and adjunct professor of legal informatics at the universities of Pavia and Bocconi of Milan, responsible for civil informatics of the Court of Appeal of Milan from 1997 to 2001, D’Aietti is the author of publications and software, for « ReMIDA @ Interests and Revaluation », an electronic legal consultant that allows the jurist to perform complex calculations of interest and monetary revaluation.
Luigi Viola, lawyer, scientific director of the School of Advanced Law and of the New Civil Procedure. Scientific director of the first level master’s degree in law at the Pegaso University of Naples. His book “The interpretation of the law with mathematical models” has been translated into English and German.