Cybersecurity, Governance and Cloud

Lessons this morning
Cybersecurity and data governance in the current technological landscape
Lecturer: Giovanni Ziccardi, professor of legal informatics at the University of Milan; teaches Cybercrime at the Master in New Technology Law at the University of Bologna. Scientific Coordinator of the Coordinated Research Center in “Information Society Law” (ISLC), he is a member of the Security Committee of the Milanese University. Since 1984 he has kept in touch with national and international hacker circles, meeting their exponents and studying their evolution. He dedicated an essay to those years (Hacker – The call of freedom, 2011) and a thriller (The last hacker, 2012). Lawyer and publicist, he has a degree in Law from the University of Modena and a PhD from the University of Bologna. He has published scientific articles in Italy, Europe and Japan and monographs with the most important national and international publishers. He directs a scientific journal, Cyberspace and Law; he collaborates with Il Mulino, Doppiozero, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Il Corriere della Sera and the Italian Encyclopedia Treccani.
Focus. Cyber ​​security and cloud: the characteristics, responsibilities and dangers of the cyber cloud
Lecturer: Flaviano Peluso, lawyer enrolled in the Rome and Madrid bar associations; he is adjunct professor of Computer Skills at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”; Computer Science at the University of Tuscia (School of Air Force Marshals) and Computer Suitability at the same University as well as Digital Communication at the University of Cassino. He is the author of books, notes and contributions to volumes on computer law and computer forensics.