Computational Legal Studies Conference 2022

The rise of statistical learning methods in academia has permeated law, triggering what has been called a “computational turn” in legal scholarship. In this emerging field, novel techniques such as network analytics and natural language processing are being applied to uncover, and quantify, previously hidden insights about the law.

Prof. Andrea Stazi, Director of the Innovation Law Laboratory – InnoLawLab will give a speech on “’Legal Big Data’: From Predictive Justice to Personalised Law?”, at the Computational Legal Studies Conference 2022 of the Singapore Management University’s Centre for Computational Law in collaboration with, to be held on March 2-4, 2022, to gather leading scholars and thinkers in the field. Confirmed keynote speakers for this event include Professors Daniel Katz, Kevin Ashley, Arthur Dyevre and Charlotte Alexander.

The conference booklet, containing details of the presentations, papers, and bios of presenters and their co-authors, can be downloaded here.

The conference is open to all academics, practitioners, students, and other colleagues to attend virtually. There is no registration fee. Further information here.