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The Quality Presidium of the European University of Rome is established by D.R. n. 54 of 05.28.2013 and subsequently integrated by D.R. 130 of 16/09/2013.


  • Professor Loredana Giani (President)
  • Professor Margherita Velucchi
  • Professor Marco Innamorati
  • Professor Luigi Russo
  • Professor Mario Palma
  • Professor Claudia Del Gatto
  • Dr. Valeria Magliano
  • Students representative: Luca De Angelis

The national system of assessment, quality assurance and accreditation of the university are in line with the standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European higher education and is divided into:

  • an internal evaluation system activated in each university;
  • an external assessment system for universities;
  • an accreditation system for the university courses.

Legislative Decree 19/12 entrusted the National Agency of the University System Evaluation and Research (ANVUR) as responsible for defining the national system for the initial and periodic accreditation of offices and university programs and govern, particularly:

  • the introduction of an initial and periodic accreditation system of the university courses;
  • the introduction of an evaluation and quality assurance system on the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching and research;
  • the strengthening of the self-assessment system of the quality and effectiveness of teaching and research.

The Quality Presidium is the University body established pursuant to Ministerial Decree 47/2013 and ANVUR, the Self-Assessment System document, Assessment and Accreditation of the Italian university system. This body plays a key role in ensuring the academic quality (AQ) as a guarantor in the articulated university system of the quality of curricula and teaching facilities, through the centrality of the student.

More specifically:

  • Concerning teaching activities: it organizes and continuously verifies that the information contained in the SUA-CdS of each University’s degree program are updated; it oversees the smooth running of QA procedures in order to ensure that educational activities are carried out in accordance with what was planned and stated; it regulates and verifies the periodic activities of the Study Course Review; it evaluates the effectiveness of improvement interventions and their actual consequences, ensuring the proper flow of information to and from the Evaluation Team and the Teachers-Students Joint Commission.
  • It continuously updates the information of the HIS-RD of each department (or other internal research organization joints) and oversees the smooth running of QA procedures for research activities in accordance with the programme and ensures the proper flow of information to and from the Evaluation Committee.
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