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orientation test

Our service named UERorienta helps you to choose your course of study. Prepare your university success right away: choose the most suitable degree programme for you with UERorienta! If you are attending the last years of high school, UERorienta is specifically designed for you.

It takes place in two meetings:

  1. Orientation testget to know yourself: by  participation in the aptitude test you will discover your attitudes, strengths and interests.
  2. Individual interview: sketch your training and professional project: together with the results of the test you will receive a personalized profile and in the individual interview you can build your training project by choosing the university path that suits you the best.

Contact us to take part both in the test and the interview.

Foto Sara PelliSara Pelli – Orientation Service and Admissions Responsible
Tel: +39 0666543924
Mob: +39 3804380907