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The Departmental Centre of Humanities:

  • Develops the three-year research programme that the University is committed to finance, elaborates its annual review and forwards it to the Departmental Council;
  • Looks for all research announcements and programmes where the University could participate;
  • Offers finance and other useful resources for research;
  • Communicates the relevant information to the Councils of educational sciences and all scientific studies of the University
  • Helps teachers prepare research projects;
  • Collects research projects from the teaching staff, submits it to the Board of Directors through the Departmental Council and follows the advice of the Academic Senate Council on financing those that require funding;
  • Proposes criteria and procedures for the allocation of funds for University research;
  • Establishes contacts and practices of projects financed by external bodies;
  • Provides needed services for publications of teaching and research staff by using the relevant structures of the University;
  • Collects and catalogues publications of the University’s professors and researchers;
  • Promotes the integration of the different research policy procedures;
  • Provides technical support for the organization and management of congresses, conventions, conferences and seminars;
  • Prepares agreements to be signed with other universities, private and public institutions and research institutes to carry out activities of common interest, submitting them to the Board of Directors through the Department Council and following the advice of the University Senate for approval;
  • Supervises the execution of consultancy and research contracts by the University;
  • Oversees the activities of the Doctoral Research programmes instituted by the University;
  • Evaluates research results annually, specifically, those approved projects that have not been started yet, the ones currently running and the concluded ones and reports them to the Board of Directors and to the University Rating Board.

The Departmental Centre also provides the opportunity for the development of cooperative relations with the institutions and organizations involved in carrying out joint research and funding of scientific university activities.