Docente: Carmen Bizzarri

Corso di laurea: Laurea Triennale

Indirizzo: A scelta

CFU: 6

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Lingua: Inglese

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The course aims to analyze the theoretical and applicative methodologies at the exploitation of resources linking to the geographical asset. The theoretical fundamentals of the core course cover the relationship between the use of natural resources, tourism strategies and system sustainability.
The interdisciplinary elements of the course allow
to use the resources in planning of the complex interactions between economic decisions, market forces, governmental policies and the environment.
This study allows the student to have adequate skills required for a successful career as experts in international business strategy, allowing them to define sustainable business strategies which can lead to competitive advantage.
By integrating the theoretical and empirical knowledge the student can reach a goal the sustainability also thanks to the assessment of territorial processes which are activated related to environmental protection and the tourism.


  • Definition of resources and environment
  • Definition and application fields of sustainability
  • Relationship between resources and use for tourism
  • Methods of analysis for the evaluation of resources
  • Certification and environmental quality of the destinations
  • Farm holidays: case studies

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