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Simonetta has been working in the IT market since 1985, she worked for 21 years in IBM, where her last responsibility was CEO and General Manager of Sistemi Informativi s.p.a, owned IBM System Integrator Company (1,500 HC).

In 2006 Simonetta joined Microsoft in the role of EPG Lead for Italy, and after this experience she moved on to an international experience as Director Business Desk Western Europe / WWLP EMEA where she led the team through an important and strategic momentum while Microsoft’s business has been moving towards the online services arena.

In 2015 Simonetta assumed responsibility for the Italian Public Sector Division leading the digital transformation process of the PA by leveraging the adoption of cloud solutions.

Simonetta Moreschini joined ATOS in January 2021, as Executive Partner Public Sector, Central Government.

Throughout his career he has taken on the responsibility of leading professional sales and services teams in multiple markets and areas, developing a strong sales experience and deep understanding of the services business with a specific focus on Finance and Public Sector.

Interessi di ricerca

  • Technology
  • People Management
  • e- Leadership
  • Public Sector