Studying a Master’s Degree 

UER Master’s Degree

UER offers the following Master’s Degree:

The abovementioned Master’s Degree are partially taught in Italian.

Entry requirements


These are the steps to enrol in a UER Master’s Degree:

1.- To send the following documents to Dott.ssa Andrea Llorente (

Application deadline: June 1st 2020

2.- Passing an admission test of logic, verbal and psycho-aptitude comprehension, which is also possible to take online under request (see UER Degree Application Form).

3.- Completing the application and payment, guided by a reference person.

For further information please contact Dott.ssa Andrea Llorente (


  • Tuition fees: please check the page n. 19 of the following document.
  • Visa requirements: ff sucessfully completing the application, students will be sent a Letter of Acceptance. With the Letter of Acceptance students will be able to require their visa at their local Consulate or Embassy. All the processes with the Italian Consulate or Embassy must be done directly by the student, taking in consideration that it could take up to 3 months to obtain a visa. Students are required to send a photocopy of their visa before starting the Bachelor’s Degree.