Docente di laboratorio


I began my teaching career in the middle of horses, where I became a qualified riding instructor. From these humble beginnings, I have meandered between various fields before finally settling in that of teaching English as a foreign language. This I have been doing for nearly 20 years, which has included gaining a recognised certificate. I have taught all ages and in most situations from private language schools, to multi-national companies, government ministries and public high schools and universities. It is with the work in universities and high schools that I choose to further specialise in the preparation of students for English language exams, thus enabling them to further their studies and open up work opportunities beyond the boundaries of Italy.

With this specialisation also came my accreditation as a University of Cambridge English Language examiner, which I have been doing for over 10 years.

I have also branched out into teaching English for special purposes, such as business, finance, and medical English.

Apart from university and high schools, I regularly teach in companies and government ministries.

Interessi di ricerca

My areas of interest include keeping pace with English language teaching methodologies alongside a studying the various facets of the English language.

Further to this I have following a course in Equine Science, thus keeping in touch with my roots. This involves learning and teaching theories involving horses as well as riders, along with a heavy veterinary aspect.