The Centre for Integral Training (CEFI) completes the academic training with the development of individual talents. The European University of Rome has the aim of developing a positive role model for ethical leadership based on preparation, loyalty and courage, developing the soft skills of each person.

Not only study, but much more: the CEFI organizes many leisure activities, integrating them into the student’s academic day without overlapping with the exam timetable. Theater workshop, choir, journalism and management of social networks become an integrative part of the curriculum of the student. By helping, you learn: great attention is always dedicated to the programme of social responsibility activities for the development of human qualities, such as cooperation and team spirit. Missions in Mexico represent the most complete example of these programmes. Each year students can participate in community support activities for families in need throughout Mexico. Participants are always very satiesfied with the programme.


Mrs. Lorenza Cannarsa

tel – lcannarsa@unier.it