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The UERStat, the Statistical Office of the European University of Rome, deals with the detection, analysis and publication of data relating to university life.

Its objectives are:

  • promoting and implementing the collection, processing, dissemination and storage of statistical data that affect the membership administration in the national statistical programme;
  • supplying various University bodies with informational data provided by the National Statistical Programme relating to the administration, even on an individual but not nominal basis, for the purposes of subsequent statistical processing;
  • cooperating, if required, with the statistical offices of other Italian universities for possible collaboration and exchange of information aimed at improving the exchange of relevant statistical information in order to monitor university life;
  • contributing to the promotion of the statistical data and the computer development for statistical purposes of the University. Particularly, by means of research support for faculty and academic staff who request it;
  • sending information about the European University of Rome to the media.

For internal diffusion, the Office will carry out a detailed set of current statistics on the student population and the University staff. The works will be collected in a publication that will be issued usually twice a year, the Statistical Bulletin, and will be distributed by e-mail to accredited users.

In terms of information online, the Office, which can be reached through the university website, will be actively involved in the development of a data warehouse service of the University by managing the production, processing and definiting the specific development of the service and its consultation.

Over current activity, the Office is committed to provide customized products requested by institutional entities, both internal and external, to the University concerning various aspects of management and its processes.

Head of Statistical Office:
Margherita Velucchi
Associate Professor of Economic Statistics at the European University of Rome.

Coordination and Development:
Matilde Bini
Professor of Economic Statistics at the European University of Rome and Coordinator of the Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration.

For further informations:

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