The Integrative Training Centre (CEFI) carries out a number of social responsibility activities, which are an integrative part of the curriculum. Social responsibility activities are curricular and compulsory for all students enrolled during the a.y. 2016-2017 and doing the second year of the following degree courses:

  • Economics and Business Administration
  • Law
  • Psychological Sciences and Techniques

Warning: for students enrolled before the academic year 2016-2017 who have not yet done or completed this activity, we renewed the call to get in touch with CEFI to check your status.

The social responsibility programs have the following objectives:

  • Offer students the possibility to implement the skills they are acquiring in concrete cultural and professional situations
  • Make students strive for the integrative good
  • Stimulate the student’s intellectual vitality
  • Enhance the expressive capabilities
  • Discover and nurture potentials and talents
  • Expose the student to social dynamics, the active exercise of solidarity and the awareness of the social value of professional commitment.

Programme for the a.y. 2017/2018

The social responsibility programmes is divided into participation in a training programme and a social action workshop chosen by the student. It consists in carrying out practical activities in the context of initiatives or projects undertaken by the EUR or in public or private bodies or third sector organizations (mainly NGOs), affiliated with the EUR.

According to the agreement with each organization, the student is assisted by a supervisor, who evaluates his commitment and the quality of his contribution and verifies the appropriateness of his actions. Indeed, the credit recognition is individual.

In order to ensure the quality of the learning experience, workshops are limited. The student must apply by completing this form, in which three choices in order of priority must be indicated. In case the number of applications exceeds the previewed amount of vacancies, the CEFI will take into account the aplication date.

Follow this link the see the activity offer and further information about the workshops.

For students exempted from attendance (e.g. those who benefit from the status of part-time student) there is an alternative social responsibility programme.

N.B. Per gli studenti esonerati dall’obbligo di frequenza (ovvero per coloro che fruiscano dello status di studente a tempo parziale) è previsto un programma di responsabilità sociale alternativo.

For further information:
Mrs. Lorenza Cannarsa Tel. +39 – email
Department BT03 – ground floor, corridor B