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The Library is in charge of preserving books, magazines, theses, handouts and make them available to professors and students. It also provides users with the necessary assistance for the proper use of the library and the search of needed information. The library is part of the National Library Service and of the cultural institute association of Rome (Polo degli Istituti Culturali di Roma).

See our complete catalogue. You can also have a look at some of our magazines, through the ESSPER association website.

The library became part of ACNP, the Italian catalogue of periodicals. The portal allows users to track the periodicals owned by the most important Italian libraries.

Visit the section “Banche dati” to read all the information about our databases:

  • DeJure + Archivio riviste Giuffrè


Monday- Thursday.  8:30-17:30
Friday.  8:30-14:00
Saturday.  closed

We inform teachers and students that the Library will be closed from 12/23/19 to 01/06/20

Reception: +39 0666543880
Interlibrary loan: + 39 0666543882 – e-mail
Fax: +39 0666543882

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