Italian language courses

ItalianTo all the incoming students that aim to study in Italian, we recommend to have a B2 Italian knowledge level. We require them to certificate, at least, a B1 Italian knowledge level, but in this case, attending the free Italian language course offered by the UER would be compulsory.

The UER offers an Italian language course divided in 2 levels (beginners & advanced). At the beginning of each semester the student will take a placement test.

The course is totally free and, apart from learning linguistic aspects of the language, you will also discover the Italian culture. It is held twice a week, from October to December and from March to May and each session lasts 1 hour.

The course will be recognized with 3 CFU = 3 ECTS.

If you are interested in officially certifying your Italian knowledge, we recommend you to take the Certificati di conoscenza della lingua italiana (CELI) at the end of your stay, so that you can come back home with your official language certification. You will find all the information about in the web of the Università per Stranieri di Perugia.