In order to encourage socialization among students and promote encounter, friendship and cooperation, the European University of Rome offers its students a wide range of extracurricular activities in the social, cultural, artistic, sports, tourism, entertainment, publishing and multimedia world, such as theater, musical, literary, artistic and communication workshops; lectures, conferences and debates on current affairs; film club, recreational tournaments; guided visits to venues with historical and artistic relevance, to companies, to newspapers, radio and television stations, to sports clubs; trips abroad and meetings with eminent personalities of culture, politics, science, economics, entertainment and religion .

The European University of Rome also pays particular attention to sports: works for the establishment of a College Sports Group, enters into agreements with facilities and sports centres and organises competitions and tournaments.

The EUR encourages students to push themselves by being also promoters and organisers, becoming capable of managing an artistic or cultural event.

The projects already developed for the academic year 2016 – 2017 are summarized below:

Meetings, conferences and debates:

A cultural education at university level can not be reduced to the study of subjects included in the academic programmes, but must be extended to the fundamental issues affecting contemporary society. In line with this perspective, the European University of Rome regularly organises meetings, conferences and debates, counting on eminent personalities from the cultural, artistic, scientific and religious sphere.

Choir Project:

The project aims at training students from a musical point of view, involving the global development of the person. First, the focus is on the proper use of voice, through diaphragmatic breathing and sound outputs exercises. A good technical approach makes possible to face songs of all genres, with a growing and wide repertoire for the most important events of the year. Each song and author is historically framed and musically analyzed. Choral singing is a human experience and also a highly formative spiritual one. Singing together is a socialization tool, using teamwork to achieve good results and exercise humility. Choral activities enhance concentration and sharpen sensitivity, develop the musical ear and exercise perseverance and patience.

The programme includes:

  • introduction to choral singing;
  • diaphragmatic breathing and setting of the voice;
  • composition;
  • study of the repertoire established by the choir director.

Rehearsals are held every Monday and Wednesday at 13:30 on the third floor, hallway B.

Sports and recreational tournaments:

There are several sporting activities organized by the UER, for example, the football tournament, reserved for students and staff of the EUR/APRA, is now in its fifth edition. The European University of Rome participates in the football championship of the Universities of Rome, the only football tournament in Italy of this kind. Besides being a major sporting event, it is a great opportunity for learning and sharing experiences with students from other universities in the city of Rome. During the academic year, more tournaments, sporting events and leisure activities are organized, including those requested by students.

Women’s soccer:

This year we have a female football team, which trains weekly and has the chance to participate in friendly competitions and triangular tournaments with teams from other universities of Rome.

Mixed Volleyball:

The activity includes a series of training sessions to learn how to play volleyball and enhance training; during the year friendly matches are planned with the teams of other universities of Rome and other university tournaments and / or summer competitions (beach volleyball activities).


The EUR signs agreements with sports facilities, cinemas, theaters, museums and restaurants, so that its students and employees can benefit from concessional terms.


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