The European University of Rome organizes and manages some activities – called “programmes of excellence” – aimed at distinguished students in several ways. The programme, managed by the CEFI, was created to promote and encourage the integrative development of students with strong human qualities and academic performance.

Academic Excellence Programme:

The Academic Excellence Program is coordinated by CEFI with the help of each degree course to facilitate and encourage the comprenhensive development of students with strong human qualities and academic performance.

Its specific objective is to train people able to exert a positive action in society, distinguished both for the professional preparation and for commitment in building relationships based on respect for life and the individual, love, freedom and social justice.

The programme is structured in such a way that promotes the active and full participation of students, according to a schedule that is updated and complete during the academic year.

In particular, two paths will be provided:

  • The organization and participation as speakers and /or negotiators in symposiums, conferences, seminars and meetings with professionals from different backgrounds: entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians, artists, journalists, religious figures, sportsmen.
  • Participation in conferences and cultural international projects, in Italy and abroad.

Participation in the programme is open and voluntary. The selection of candidates will take place after an interview that each candidate will have to sustain, also considering her/his academic achievement and her/his participation in training activities.

Human Excellence Program:

The human excellence programme aims to enable a personal awareness and develop the abilities of those students who are interested in addressing the daily challenges and assuming its responsibility. Through an “integrative development” training programme with opportunities for discussion, debate, involvement in current issues, insights and reflections, the programme helps students to expand their vision of the world and to understand the many facets of the context in which they operate.

The discussed topics will cover the features of relationships, team-work and becoming a reference for others, starting from the attitudes of each student in order to enhance her/his “skills of excellence”. Participation in the Human Excellence Programme is voluntary and allows the recognition of 6 credits as an “elective course”, if followed when the year’s curriculum includes it.


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