Docente: Barbara Parmeggiani

Corso di laurea: Laurea Magistrale in Economia e Management dell’Innovazione

Indirizzo: Management consulting

Anno Accademico: 2018-2019

CFU: 6

Durata dell'insegnamento: 48 ore

Materiali didattici

Lingua: Inglese

Obiettivi formativi del corso

This highly interactive and participative course has two basic aims: enhancing students awareness about group dynamics and successful team functioning, making students more confident about speaking in public and delivering better presentations.

The emphasis is on preparing each of the students to develop as a team player and a presenter and to develop their communication skills, by becoming more confident when introducing themselves and speaking in publc, by being able to communicate information clearly to their audiences, by being able to put together a professional presentation that leads to positive action


In particular the course will enable to learn the basics on how to work in teams, and how to better communicate to others and how to speak in public.
Course contents:
Public speaking, Dealing with the Stage Fear, Public Speaking Stretching Exercises, Presence, Passion, Basic Communication Principles, Rules for structuring effective ppts
Team management, team dynamics, working together, team conflict, team building techniques are explained, to build an understanding of team functioning, team roles, and phases of teambuilding.
In particular, during the opening sessions we combine a look at the fundamentals of presenting, with an assessment of each person’s unique presentation style, experience and skill, together with what they would now like to achieve.
We will then provide general knowledge about communication, give insight on ‘skills’ needed, suggest ways of going about it
Finally we will work to putting across a clear message, using passion to present and structuring presentation support material
In the last sessions, participants will prepare the written presentation material trying to incorporate the principles worked on earlier in the program.
Teambuilding and teamwork will be the subjects of specific lectures, debriefings and self assessments during the workgroups.

Modalità di svolgimento del corso

Lectures, exercises, teamwork, tutorials and group discussions, case studies and videos about teamwork and communication.

Modalità di svolgimento dell’esame

For attending students:
the exam will be executed during the last sessions of the course, by presenting the work group of a maximum of 5 students, who will be delivering a business presentation and describing their group experience in working together.

Testo di riferimento

For not attending students, the exam will be based on the text: Katzenbach J.R.,Smith D.K, The wisdom of teams, HarperCollins 1994