Docente: Dympna Hayes

Corso di laurea: Laurea Triennale in Economia e Gestione Aziendale

Indirizzo: Tutti gli indirizzi, Management, Tecniche di analisi per l’impresa e il management

Anno Accademico: 2018-2019

CFU: 6

Durata dell'insegnamento: 48 ore

Materiali didattici

Obiettivi formativi del corso

To introduce students to the language required in order to understand and express key concepts in the world of international business and economics. The reading and listening texts are drawn from up to date authentic sources and are designed to both develop reading and listening comprehension skills and a lexical knowledge of key areas in management , production and finance. The linguistic standard required is that established by MIUR of B1 according to the European Common Framework. 


English for Business taught through reading and listening texts on the following topics

Section 1: The Company

  • Management structure:
  • Types of company
  • Company strategy
  • Companies and Markets: Competition

Section 2: Marketing

  • The role of marketing
  • Brands and Branding
  • W.O.T analysis for marketing
  • Company case study: Coca Cola, Ford, Nike

Section 3: Global Trade

  • Global forces
  • Outsourcing
  • Counterfeiting
  • Cross Cultural business

Section 4:Finance

  • Profitability and unprofitability
  • Share capital and debt
  • Assets Liabilities and the balance sheet

Modalità di svolgimento del corso

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Hayes: English Language Course Materials For Economics and Business Dispensa

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